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Custom Designed Metal Door

The Pros And Cons Of A Metal Door

Metal Doors have become popular with homeowners as they are extremely secure and robust and can handle a lot of wear and tear; and with better production methods, they have become cheaper and easier to produce as well.

Steel doors are the ideal choice for the outside doors of your home, but like everything else, they have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The Advantages of Metal Doors

The exterior doors of your home are its most vulnerable points, and offer the easiest way for thieves to break in. Steel doors with metal frames will make even the most determined thief look elsewhere for a softer and easier target.

Unlike wooden doors that are likely to rot and spilt in extreme climates, metal doors can handle bad weather and will not need any annual upkeep.

A good steel door will come with screens; these are beneficial because they will let in both air and light when the door is open, and at the same time they will prevent insects from flying in.

With better manufacturing processes, steel doors have become more elegant, and with a variety of colors, styles and features available, you will easily find one that will suit your home and your budget.

The Disadvantageous of Metal Doors

Although metal doors score extremely high on strength and security, they also come with their own unique set of disadvantages.

Because steel doors are mainly used as outside doors, their lack of insulation can make them a poor choice in climates with very low or very high temperatures. In winter a steel door will allow a lot of heat to escape from the inside of your house, and in summer it will work in reverse by allowing some of the outside heat to seep into your home. Unfortunately, whether it is winter or summer, this will lead to extra costs on your energy bills.

Also, because a steel door needs a steel frame to be installed, it is very unlikely that you will be able to do this by yourself; this means that you will need the help of a professional. This will inevitably drive up the cost of the door and with the added costs to your energy bills; it makes the steel door a much more expensive choice than a normal door.

Source:  Locksmith-Orlando

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