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Iron Doors in Houston

How To Choose an Iron Entry Door

You have made the decision to add the classy appearance and superior durability of a wrought iron door to your home. Congratulations on an excellent choice. Now you have to select the iron entry door that best suits your needs. It may seem confusing, but considering a few key factors could help you make the most informed decision.

Complement the Existing Style of Your Home

The first step in the process of choosing the right door is to take a step back and think about the overall aesthetic of your home. If you are changing your house's appearance in a big way, it can be even more important to take time to consider the impact your new doors will have on the design. There is a broad range of possibilities, from relatively plain choices to elegant, iron and glass entry doors. Consulting with professional designers could help to make this easier.

Recognize Quality Door Construction

Once you have decided how your doors should look, you will want to spare some thought for build quality. Wrought iron doors are made from pieces of metal that vary from 24 gauge to 12 gauge. The lower the number, the thicker the metal. Most manufacturers use 14-gauge iron, but makers of premium iron entry doors opt for the more durable 12 gauge. You also want to note the hinges used on prospective doors. Sealed hinges designed to keep out contaminants are best.

Choose the Right Manufacturer

Once you understand what goes into a well-made door, finding a good supplier becomes a lot simpler. A commitment to using higher grade materials is already a favorable indicator of a trustworthy manufacturer. When you have narrowed your list of candidates, ask for references so you may see their handiwork on real homes. Take the time to speak to these references to find out about their experiences with the manufacturers, and to see how happy they have been with their choices.

Consider Price and Value

It may seem a bit odd to think about price last, but the reason for this is to allow yourself to freely evaluate your iron entry door options for quality and suitability for your project. Once you know what kind of door you want, you can focus on finding the best value. A wrought iron door can easily provide decades of hassle-free beauty, which is important to remember when thinking about cost.

Source:  IronDoorsNow

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How To Choose an Iron Entry Door

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