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Entry Doors and Exterior Doors: Helpful Terms

Made In America Iron Doors

An inswing (I/S) door

Looking to invest in custom front doors, a front entry door with sidelites (sidelights), a storm door or another type of exterior door? Here's some lingo to help you make an informed decision.

Inswing (I/S): A door that opens inward.

Outswing (O/S): A door that opens outward.

Left Hand: An I/S door with hinges on the left, or an O/S door with hinges on the right. Pro Tip: (Hinge placement refers to the door when viewed from the outside looking into the home).

Right Hand: An I/S door with hinges on the right, or an O/S door with hinges on the left.

Lite: A pane of glass in a door.

Divided Lite: Panes of glass that are divided, or appear to be.

Grille: Plastic, wooden or metal details that give the appearance of divided lites.

Caming: Strips for joining segmented glass.

Brickmould: Molding used around a door (or window) that fills the gap between where the door and the wall of the house meet.

Slab door: A rectangular slab of wood, composite or steel without hinges or other hardware.

Prehung door: A complete, ready-to-install door that includes a door slab, hinges and outer frame that fits into a prepared doorway.

Source:   Lowes

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Made In America Iron Doors

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